Pools and ponds

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The swimming pool and new technology

In case of weather in our country a pool can be use only for a few months and that is the reason why many people want to have a pool in basements. Others come to terms with autumn landscape and cold days. Nothing could be further from the truth, modern technology gives many functional solutions in the subject construction of swimming pools.


The swimming pool and terrace in one

Modern techniques allow for the construction of a swimming pool with remote-sealable surface. Push the button and water surface will covered with a wooden floor, which can be arrange as a terrace with comfortable furniture.


The combination of pool and greenhouses

Another solution to the outdoor swimming pool are tanks covered with top glass tunnels that make that under them is much warmer than outside. However, to use this solution throughout the year, the pool has to be heated, and a tunnel connected to the house.


Swimming pool on the top floor

And that's a completely different solution: a swimming pool build on the floor of the house instead of the balcony. The most common with walls from highly resistant tempered glass. For the winter the swimming pool is covered with a glass pane.



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