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The guarantee for building materials

Defective building materials are a very big problem. It could be a manufacturing defect but if it turns out that the material is defective, you may need to replace it with a new one, and this often involves costs of renovation.


The warranty for several years

Most manufacturers of building materials offer at least a few years warranty on its products. In case the product was defective they provides exchange it with a new one at his own expense.


The scope of the guarantee

Often you can meet guarantees that otherwise applies to the entire product and in another of its individual parts. Therefore, it is always worth to look at the warranty of the product that you want to buy.


Return of goods and reclamation

The manufacturer's warranty is valid at a time when we find fault in goods that we have bought. But when we buy something but later we decided that we want something different- then we are talking about the return of the goods and the seller has no obligation to accept it, with some exceptions. You can give back to the store the goods if:


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