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Functional and effective inspiration of finishing and decorating your interiors

Sometimes it is worth to plan all finishing works at the stage of its construction. There we present some elements that you should take care:

- niche in the bedroom- so you can mount the door and transform it into wardrobe, which will not take too much space.

- small niches in the office and in the bathroom- by installing shelves in them, for examples such made of brick, you can save space and have spectaculary lighting located on the shelves.

- hanging stairs- these are stairs witch are a part of the wall from one side. On the other side should be installed barriers of various kinds for safety.

- suspended ceiling- with proper installation of lighting it can be a great decorative element. In the dining room it can also serve as a hange / shelf for wine glasses.

- fireplace- if you want to have in your living room or bedroom a fireplace- you should design it and build at the stage of building a house.


- wall which will do not separate the entire length of the room- if you want to separate the space between the rooms, but you do not want to erect a partition wall, a good idea might be stopping with glass blocks or screen in the form of a sliding wall.


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