Insulation systems

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Thermal insulation materials


Thermal insulation of houses, especially in the Polish climatic conditions, is an important part of the process of construction. You must realize that the cost of heating the house could grow if you do not look around for solutions that will better protect the house by heat loss. Use of insulation materials bring savings. 



The most commonly used insulation materials are:


Mineral wool


The mineral wool may be made of glass or rock, this material is resistant to fire and various kinds of chemical agents. It is elastic and vapour permeable, so there is no moisture in the house. It is also a good material absorbing sound. You can use mineral wool in the form of mats, sheets and granules.


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Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is a material with very good thermal insulation, greater even than the mineral wool or polystyrene. It is a lightweight material which does not require large thickness and therefore causes less stress to the building, the insulating layer itself is also thinner. From foams are produced polyurethane plates.




The most famous and, until recently, the most popular insulation material. It is a good protection against the cold is the least expensive method of securing your house from the cold. However, is the least effective way to insulate the building from all presented here.

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