Teberia.pl is a portal which is create by specialists with the aim of specialists. In this virtual space we will construct the building, which is to constitute a library of knowledge about building and construction industry. We dedicate space in this portal both diverse technologies of construction and interior design and decorations. We will deal with construction of one- family houses, housing estates, industrial buildings and commercial and public buildings. We will also devote a special place for ecological building created in consider of the environment and its protection.


We will create a guide consisting useful information about building materials and everything what is need to the finishing works. We will say something more about the best place to buy such things. We will discuss the new emerging market construction materials and their properties. In the space of our portal will also include a calculator which will say something more about prices of building materials. For sure it will help you to create the cost estimation of construction.


A separate section also devote to swimming pools, artificial lakes and ponds. We will tell about their design and the materials from which they should be made. We will also present modern technologies associated with open and closed swimming pools.



We invite you to read the contents of Teberia.pl. It is perfect place for all who seek professional expertise in the field of construction.

Large living room-we begin action: ARRANGEMENT!


When the time comes for repairs